Friday, 6 January 2012

Soul Dance A World Remembrance

Dearest Soul Dancers welcome,
Today is a celebration! 

The world is awakening, with soul dancers emerging in every nation.  These soul dancers may not have not read this blog nor heard the soul dance terms and still they carry the same messages of heart, love and vibration in word their communities understand.  

Messengers are in every creative field, every intellectual niche, every scientific wave and beginning to emerge from within world politics. They merge to speak the soul language of love in their own ways, your world is awakening faster and faster. 

Our message today, is embedded in the video below, received by SoulDancer from a friend who lives in France.  Your world is evolving and shrinking with the power of communication.  And from the power of communication your world will rebuild itself. 

When YOU nourish the vibration of love you vibrationally heal your dimention and everyone and everything in it.  

Love the emotion is a vibrationally measurable energy wave generated from a flesh and blood organ within your body.  Love, the vibrational frequency is also the universal language of Soul.  Your heart is the master generator which along with your brain powers your body AND generates the electromagnetic frequencies which also power your world and the universe.   Depending on the frequencies YOU and mankind generate, you are alternately healing and destroying your planet.   

Soul Dance is both the inter and inner dimensional portal through which  YOU are able to consciously access Soul and in so doing, touch Universal energy directly.  

The dance is at a frequency being vibrated out into the Universe.  Many people vibrate with love, with gratitude, with appreciation.  They are unconsciously soul dancing and doing their healing work. 
When you consiously Soul Dance, you are consciously choosing to direct your healing power to whichever focus you choose.  We ask you to form your intention before you Soul Dance for exactly this reason.   Your world will heal, as your hearts consciously come together to create one vibration directed at healing each man, each atom of mankind, every ounce of your planet and every dimension in the Universe.

Dear Ones, please watch this video and share this blog with everyone you know.  Please subscribe and become active commenters.  Those with whom you share these messages will hear what they need to hear, just as you hear what you need to hear.   Know that each heart receives its own message.  

If you so choose to Soul Dance today, we ask that you use your soul dance process of going into heart, searching for silence, finding the spaces between your heart beats and going deeper into the silence.  The journey of this video is waiting. 
Notice how your heart song joins with you at certain times, with certain images and thoughts.

Before you watch this video, please set your intention for what you need to heal, to learn or to experience today.  Write your intention down then open the video. 

You, Dearest Soul Dancers have the power to become Universal healers.

So be welcomed and encouraged that the future for your world is vast and beautiful and magnificent as you and your Soul remember together what it is to fly free bathed in the awesomeness of your creation and communication with all others. 

Enjoy InJOY
           SoulDancer, translator for The Soul Guardians

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Soul Dance Healing Your Planet, Your Dimension and Our Mutual Universe - A Remembrance

Welcome Dearest Soul Dancers

Today is December 31, 2011.  This is the last day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. This ends one long period of a vibrational frequency that has impacted humanity's consciousness.  January 01, 2012 is the birth of a slightly altered version of the past frequency.  Within this new frequency there is a new information gathering/dispersing loop searching for input from outside itself.  

YOU have been given your own access card to rewrite the energy signature of this vibrational frequency.  Soul Dance is your access key.

What does this mean?
Over the past 8 weeks We have been preparing you to use this access.  You have been relearning your soul birthright to consciously communicate in the Universal Language.  You needed to practice and learn this to use your access card in 2012.   Your work, partnered with Our work is to correct the damage mankind has done to itself, it's planet and it's Universe.  The correction begins and stays within your own energy signature.  There is no other work for you to do.  No protests, no public outcry, no armies or wars.  This is gentle work that strengthens who you are, the purpose you fulfil, the way you walk in the world of man. 

We, The Soul Guardians, are prepared to continue with this guidance.    Are you pepared to step up to your responsibility?  

This morning in the pre-dawn light, SoulDancer Our translator, was awakened with Our call to action.  Curious about the delay between promised messages, We reminded her that your dimension's few days is measured in revolutions of your sun around your planet.  To Us, days has a different meaning. Time is irrelevant when compared to timing!  Now!  Today ... is the day you need the next message. 

What do you need to know about this message?
Part of this message will be another journey into the Soul Dance to heal YOU, your Planet and Our Universe.  The other part of the message is, as always the learning required before and after the Dance. 

The Learning begins... 
Healing one single cell, one micro-milli-centimeter of the smallest piece of atomic matter that makes up your physical energy signature in this earthly dimension is enough to trigger mass healing simultaneously rippling from within you, through man's combine soul energy, reaching your planet and reaching the Universe.  By the time this ripple reaches the Universal SOUL level, it has become what you would recognize as an unstoppable tsunammi!

SoulDancer, has been given her work for this last day of your earth calendar before the shift into 2012.  She will channel our messages throughout this day, then prepare them as a series to be released when We advise her to release them to you.  We will post on the days that YOU need to hear them. There may be gaps but never fear that We have forgotten you or that SoulDancer has become bored . 

SoulDancer has opened her life path to do this work.  She has chosen to widen her life by including this work without expectation of being more than our translator.  She understands through her soul connection that this message is being delivered by countless other translators also doing the work she is doing.  The message is essentially the same.  Here is an important concept for YOU to open to.  
Just as every religion has love at it's core, and every prophet has the good of man in his/her heart, the method of delivery is unique to each messenger because the people being reached have a unique way of hearing the message. 
YOU are here, reading this message because you resonate on the same frequency as SoulDancer.  YOU can read, integrate and heal with the messages as she translates in the way that she best understands, at her intuitive level.   SoulDance is visual person.  She is also immersed in the process in a way that fascinates her curiosity.  Essentially, she sees in pictures which move into word thoughts. She then asks questions.   We provide the answers to her questions and guide her through her process until she understands what We need for her to translate to YOU. 

This morning her pictures began with the first three sentences in this post.  The next picture was a velvety black dimension, endless, rich in the depth of the blackness.  Then an image in glowing white began to form.  ....  The 3D image is of glowing white double french doors, each with an ornate pewter coloured door handle shaped like a closed angel wing.  SoulDancer reached out to grasp those handles, intuitively knowing that the  moment she put downward pressure on them, both doors would swing outward, slowly, in perfectly matched unison.  Slowly, she applies a tantelizing downward pressure ....the doors glide soundlessly open.  Moving at their own slow pace, a crack of light appears between them,  She is opening into a new dimension with a different vibrational frequency.  She senses that this frequency is altered yet on a continuum from 2011.  SoulDancer has learned that at moments like this, when her reality blends with Ours, The Veil between dimensions is lifting. 

The Soul Dance Begins ......
Dear Ones, if you  so choose to take this dance, in this moment, in this place, at this time, We ask that you pause, as always, to form your intention BEFORE you continue into the Dance.  Ask what it is you need to know, to experience or to heal through this experience.  Hold this intention in your heart in this moment, in this place and at this time.  Feel your intention opening, expanding and touching your Soul as you consciously choose to Dance Beyond the Veil into 2012. 

Know that as always, We are here, holding you in a safe space, journeying with you and guiding your safe return.
Take this moment to write your intention down, so that it will be here to guide your memory to heal, to learn, to experience, when you return.

The Dance begins with your intention....

If you are ready, be with SoulDancer at the threshold of the glowing white french doors... notice how your hands are now resting on her hands, your body is with her body, your soul eyes are visioning what she is visioning. 

The doors continue to glide out into the vastness, the sliver of light begins to open more fully.  Breathe into the stillness in your heart, as she is breathing into the stillness of her heart.  

With her, listen for the spaces between the heart beats.  The light is getting broader and beginning to fill one quarter of the space between glowing opening white doors.  And you are slipping through between the heart beats into deeper and deeper stillness.  

You and Souldancer are resting in now.  Resting, with the deep stillness, the darkness and the new light all at the same time.  You are with the dimensions.

As you rest, your soul ear is listening for the melody ... your heart song.  With the light, comes wisps of your melody. 

Breathe in the essence deeply.  Feel your heart song, the cadence, the movement of the song.  Feel that you are with SoulDancer, with Us, with every other being who's soul hands reached to open those doors.  Feel the presence of your Soul Group, the healing messengers for mankind, your planet and the Universe as the frequency of the Universal Soul reads your intention to heal, to know and to experience beyond your human beingness. 

Sense the doors opening to halfway.  Breathe in the golden, white,  light.  Move as the dance expands, notice the colour wisps emerging from the light. 

Dancing, you are the passion, the joy, the magnificent freedom.  Beckoned, you merge into the Dance.  Your essence is both with you and with the dance, spiralling, blending, merging, spiralling again.  Fading, disappearing, growing, you are your colours, all colours, no colours.  You are Soul, you are beingness, you are freedom and light and healing and massive soul love that has merged with the Universal Source .  The light is expanding, the doors have swung fully open into 2012.  The velvety blackness is gone, the white doors are gone, your entire vista is pure golden white light, dancing colours and heart song, as you have joined the SoulDance missions of countless other souls. You are merging, into and out of each other.  Essence touching essence to heal where healing needs to be in minds, bodies, planets, universes.  The colours are beyond what you have ever experienced.   Yet you will retain them when your return to human form.   The joy is heart breakingly beautiful yet, almost unfathomable in human terms. 

You will retain the heart feeling of these moments, in this place and in this time, of no time.   You are dimensionless, and still connected to earth planet and your dimension.  You are a unique essence and connected in Oneness to every other essence that exists ... human, animal, non human, plant, rock other beingness. 

You heal and they heal at the same time. 

Rest here, inhale this moment knowing you can return here at will, following the Soul Dance path through heart into Soul Connection. 

In a moment, the Dance will slow and you will call your essence back into your beingness.  Your awarenss has been raised to healing in this coming human standard of time.  Of necessity, you may not stay in Soul for long periods of time.  

In a moment you will follow your path back into heart to return to your time, and your place, to do the work you are discovering is only one of your purposes.  

Remember to thank those with whom you dance the healing dance.  Offer your gratitude in melody, in how you reveal your colour essence.  

Feel the Oneness, hold to this connectedness between the dimensions, between the souls with whom you danced.  They are your support, always here when you call to them. 
Dance when you need to regain your balance, to initiate your healing and the healing of your Planet. 

Returning to your Dimension....

It is time to consciously bring your essence back into the stillness of your heart. 
Rest here for a few moments in the Oneness of you, your conscious partnering with Soul, your heart and your beingness. 
Listen for your heart beat.  Breathe with your heart beat and when you are ready, knowing that this Soul Dance will journey with you in your consciousness, slip through the spaces between the beats to gently come back into human beingness and presence. 
Feel the blood coursing through your human body, feel the awareness of your humanity in your fingers and toes.  Stretch and move your body as if you were still in Soul Dance.  Enjoy your human-ness; for without it, your purpose would not be fulfilling itself.    When you are ready, you will come back to NOW. 

We continue the learning ...  after the Dance 
Today's message is Experience.  The change in vibrational frequency between 2011 and 2012 is real.  You have your access card to make a difference and you have the training to use your access key.  Return to the beginning of these trainings, slowly go through each lesson.  Find your special messages, the ones only you can see.  Trust they are there.  Become whole with your Soul partner, move in conscious partnering with your Soul to touch Source Energy and the Universal language of love.

Over the next few months you may feel a shift, an sense of difference without knowing what or how or even when it will all return to a comfort level that resonates for you. 

The Larger Message
This is a new age, Your technology has created the opening for shift.  Global communication has opened a Pandora's Box.  What you, the collective YOU , the Soul You of Mankind on this planet choose to do with with this power is within YOUR power to guide. 

You've been in soul consciousness with Soul Dance and experienced pure love without restriction.  We are asking YOU to take responsihbility to make this shift into positve frequency, a higher vibration than has been experienced since the birth of your planet and mankind on it. 

We are aking YOU to step into the Universal Flow of Source energy consciously by simply making your actions, actions of high love, oneness with all religions, all races, all cultures, with equality in your hearts not just your law books, with giving awareness to disolve the barriers of perceived intellect, history and politics.  With giving awareness to current need for armies to violate others in protection of some.  We ask that you create  connections in small ways between people who would not normally know each other.  We ask for a critical mass awareness in the coming calendar year to shift human beingness into conscious soul connections for the soul purpose of disolving the barriers between just two real people at at time.  We ask that you become the role model for real people you touch every day.  

We spoke of 2012 being the beginning of an altered energetic frequency having a new feedback loop.  The training you receive here, through Soul Dance is your input access key.  You are learning how to generate the kind of input this loop is searching for.  The loop collects higher (positive) frequency waves for the purpose of healing mankind, the planet and the Universe. 

If the energy is present, healing will occur because the loop picks it up and sends it where it needs to go.  Think of the possibilites for renewal. 

This shift is mulilayered.  SoulDancer is learning to shift between multiple layers in her life becasue she is seeing how the connections blend and enhance each level.  She lives a deepening richness even though there are moments of overwhelm and confusion of what to do next.  She is learning to move more into heart, between the beats and into the silence to find her answers.  This is what she is bringing to the others she touches everyday. 

Soul Dance happens on many levels.  Simply go into silence, slipping into a moment with soul for clarity, rest, reasurrance, connection and self love. 

Checking in with your Intention...
This  is the moment to return to your Intention for today's Soul Dance.  What did you learn that you didn't know before?  What have you noticed has been healed and what are you feeling at this moment that you haven't felt before? 

Today you reached out to heal your Planet and The Universe.  Know that you have affected healing in both.  Know that when you heal your self, you heal a small piece of mankind and in doing so, your outreach healing flows to the magnetic polarity of your planet.  You have helped to change the frequency of the vibration of mankind which ultimately affectes the polarity of  your planet. 

Positive shift in the energetic frequency acts as a correction, lessening magnetic tensions both inside and outside the planet at the same time.  Eventually with enough correction the wild chaotic earth changes your planet is experiencing will settle and resume a gentler existence. 

The lessons continue in Our next post, building on this experience with more personal enlightenment for each Soul Dancer who chooses to return to continue this work.    

So be welcome and encouraged that the future is vast and beautiful and awesome as you and your Soul remember what it is to fly free bathed in the awesomness of your creation and communion with all others. 

Enjoy InJoy

          SoulDancer, translator for The Soul Guardians


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Healing Earth Remembrance Part 2 of 3

Dearest Soul Dancers,

In healing your Earth, your beautiful fragile planet, it is so important that you open your human eyes and ears to partner with your soul eyes and ears.  Yesterday, SoulDancer, our human translator, suggested We share a very beautiful video link as an additional way for you to move directly into Soul Dance.  This video is heart and soul inspired and powerful beyond words exposing the magnificence of your soul connection to all that exists on your Planet.   We suggest that you savour what speaks directly to your heart connecting you instantly to Soul and thus to Source Energy.  

Think of your earlier Soul Dance experiences, how you moved, how you became light essences, merging and moving to your own heart song.  As you watch and listen, consciously move into the stillness in your heart, listen for the space between the heart beats and slip through to a deeper level, sitting with the deep stillness you find there.  Notice, what you feel, see and hear consciously from Soul as you become one with the images and hear the messages.  Feel your Source connection, feel your own dance triggering Earth healing.  

In Our last message, you learned logic and reasons to heal your planet.  We purposelely did not take you into Soul Dance.  This video appeared and is the perfect next step. 

What does it take to heal yourself and your Planet?    Real people, in every country in the world are starting grass roots groups to save, maintain, revitalize valuable pieces of your world.  To effectively Soul Dance to heal yourself and your world, you must search out your passion, live what you love, join and help to heal your real world in real time, in your dimension.   Healing begins in reality. 

Why Soul Dance?  Soul Dance connects your soul with all the other souls in a dimension beyond time, to trigger mass healing at the soul and cellular level of your planet. 

We encourage you to search out your passion.  To live passionately is another way of openingly inviting every other soul in existence to join you in your dance.  The first time, you may dance by yourself, the second time, you may discover other souls joining your magical interweaving of energies, spiraling and fanning out to include more and more souls in your healing dance. 

The secret is not only the magnificence of pure love and the pure essence of human soul but in the twinning and intermingling of all other souls consciously joining with YOU and your soul in the same moment, in the same time and in the same dimension.   

As you look around your planet, you will find enlightenment.  We hope you will take the moment to open your heart, sit with silence and joy consciously feeling the dance, in real time, in  your dimension.  This is healing.   

Today's gift and dance is a video produced by the TED organization.  The person who's life's work you will be seeing is Louie Schwartzberg.  We recognize his work as one of many embodiments of Soul Dance. 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Healing Earth A Remembrance

Welcome Dearest Soul Dancers

Once again We guide you into Soul Dance.  The intention of this message is to teach you the essentials required to trigger healing of your beautiful Planet. 

While today gives you the mechanics of healing, our next message will take the learning out into the Dimensions, inviting Mankind to Soul Dance with you to increase the velocity of the healing process. 

Should you choose to enter this classroom ... in this moment, in this time, in this place ... you will learn not only why you must begin the healing now but how to Soul Dance to begin your Planet's healing.   Be confident that as always We hold you in this safe space as you open to Soul Dance.
Be reminded that you are the most powerful master healer in this entire healing process. 

How do you heal a Planet?
To heal your planet, understanding your own  empowerment as part of the cellular structure of your Planet Soul is the first essential.  We will attempt to explain this Universal concept in a way the human mind can accept and hold onto.

Every message opens another layer of Soul Energy.  In this moment, We segment how each element of your existence on Earth has its own soul energy and how YOU connect to and impact it. 

What are the Soul Elements
Here, We speak of five soul elements held within your world sphere. These elements are:
1. YOU    2. your Soul   3. Mankind's Soul    4. The Planet's Soul   5.  The Universal Source soul energy conduit  
The importance is in KNOWING that your emotional energy is the hub that speaks directly to each of these elements. "What you think has direct impact in each centre at the same time".  Awareness is power to heal!  

Understand that each element is simultaneously individual AND multiple partnered energy units woven together in unbreakable and connected patterns of soul energies.  Take this moment to visualize being an individual separate and distinct from but connected to 4 other building blocks.  

Pause here to re-read this part of the message. This concept is slippery.  Dear Ones...Try only to hold the idea of  multiplicity within your Soul Being.

We explain the 5 elements as you move deeper into the first element.   We start by describing YOU, the physical and the soul then continue by connecting you directly to each of the other 3 elements.
1.  YOU....Your physical presence is the physical and emotional vessel that holds your Soul Being.  YOU now consciously share awareness with the soul, who touches the remaining 3 elements, experiencing and influencing outside the human dimension. 

2.  Your Soul Being....with your conscious awareness of this fact, you are now partnering with Soul to improve your existence. 
Your focus narrows as you visualize your own soul energy as a single powerful glowing strand.

Now broaden your focus as you bring into awareness how a single strand of DNA repeats itself in each and every cell. This is representative of your soul's strand, similar to your individual fingerprint.
3.  Mankind ....Can you visualize this single strand your Soul Energy, your fingerprint within the massive cellular structure of Mankind?    

4.   Your Planet    Now visualize your fingerprint glowing within the energetic structure of your Planet

5.   The Universe   Move your soul eyese to viewing your fingerprint glowing in the energy flow of The Universe. 
Dear One, you have just envisioned the multiplicity of your soul being. 

Don't be concerned if today this seems confusing.  In our next message you take this learning out to Soul Dance.  It will all become very clear, empowering, powerful and magnificently beautiful beyond human words.  At that moment, in that time and in that place, you will, as always be present as witness from within your heart, breathing into the stillness, joining with your heart melody and taking on Soul Energy form. You will experience the duality We speak of when you are both witness and Dancer as you invite other soul energies of Mankind to dance.  The joy and passion of the Dance will influence the energy signature of Mankind's Soul, triggering a return to balance and the beginning of healing for the Planet. 

Your Healing Intention
Dear One, as always We remind you of the power of intention.  Today's foundational awareness of your pivotal power, impact on your world and the Universe broadens your world view and your place of power within that world view.

We come to a moment of decision.  Will you become a master healer of your Planet?   OR remain a silent witness to all that will come? 

If you so choose to become a master healer, this is the moment, this is the time and this is the place where you create your intention as a master healer. 

Starting with a small intention: 
Simple stretch your soul sense, soul eyes and soul ears searching for just one small thing that needs healing, needs new awareness or needs to grow. 

As you move into Soul Dance in our next message you will bring this intention to the dance openly inviting all Soul Beings to join the Dance.  The power is in mass intention focussed on a single healing of one small piece of your world. 

So, pause to find your intention.  Loosely play with this intention over the next few days before our next message and your 6th Soul Dance.  

Look for moments where healing would improve life for yourself and everyone around you.  Look out into the world for small healings that would make the difference.  

To change the temperatore of the emotional climate of the world as it touches your life is a good place to begin your practice. 

Over time you will expand your healings to the larger world arena, joining with many other Soul Beings doing the same work. 

There is community and healing power in the Soul Dimension and YOU are already part of this community.  Welcome

A Soul Guardians' Request to YOU
We ask that you open your human awareness, suspend human logic and consciously partner with your Soul Mind as We reveal and remind you how Soul energies work.

In previous messages,We have focussed on how you consciously partner with Soul to touch Source. 
Today We deepened your learning to hint at  how Mankind's emotional energy affects the stability of your Planet and how you begin to correct the current instability.

In Our next message you will Soul Dance to heal Mankind's emotional energy signature, triggering Planetary return to balancing the Earth's magnetic signature with each small step in the Dance.

So be welcome and encouraged that the future for your world is vast and beautiful and magnificent as you and your soul remember together what it is to fly free bathed in the awesomeness of  your creation and communion with all others. 

Enjoy InJOY

           SoulDancer,  translator to The Soul Guardians


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Healing Mankind A Remembrance Part 4 of 4 cont'd

Dearest Soul Dancers, 

In our last message, We moved from guide to teacher of healing.  If you so choose, today you begin the mastery of becoming humanity's healers.   We have explained WHY it is important for the balance and harmony of your world and our mutual Universe that mankind heal itself and it's home planet. 

Today, your mastery of healing begins with understanding the empowerment of being in SOUL in the Soul Body of mankind, as the soul energy of mankind anchors your planet. 

To heal mankind's energy begins with understanding through physical sensation the magnificence and joy of the work SOUL does.  This is pure love, joy and awesome beauty.  You are about to Soul Dance for the 5th time.   Learning how to heal by experiencing gentle healing as you touch Souce.  To heal and to become a master healer begins with  "remembering" the joy of touching Source.

Why become healers of mankind, when healing yourself might be enough?
The purpose of this training, Dear Ones, is to remind you of the sensation of being "in" soul body as not just yourself but all of mankind globally. You will remember what it feels like to "BE" mankind. Man has given away it's connection to mankind and disconnected from Universal Source.  You have been here before, remembrance begins the healing phase.

To begin this sharing, We ask as always that you remember that you are a human being having a human experience CONSCIOUSLY shared with SOUL.  To become a master healer, consciously becoming aware of how you move into SOUL, We ask that you set your intention for what you need to learn, heal or share to guide you through your learning and healing process. 

Setting your intention for Soul Dance, Healing Mankind
So Dear One, if you so choose to Soul Dance for a 5th time, please take a moment to set your intention for today's journey.  Simply reading this post is enough to trigger healing.  To become a master healer, begins with intention and then the Dance.   

What do YOU need to learn, to heal or to share, in this moment, in this time, in this place? 

Before We begin the dance ... imagine what it is to "feel" yourself moving into the "Soul Body" of all of mankind?  Imagine that massive Soul Body, as a glowing, translucent pillar filled with light, melody, motion as it embedds and anchors mankind's global soul energy to support the planet.  

This is a duality, an instantaneous, simulataneous two way connection.   For simplicity, the only way We can explain it is that as Soul you are having a human experience, consciously aware that you are in an extended Soul Body. 

Translation: There is an experiential loop where Soul experiences how it feels to be a human experiencing being SOUL in it's global human energy form.  Soul is both Your's as a single entity and Mankind's as a global entity both at the same time. 

We, know that this is a large thought and it may feel as if it is too large to hold onto right now, but all you need to know is that you are going to experience something no human has ever before experienced.  This first visit is to be a short introduction but you will return again to become stronger and more attuned as a global energy healer. 
The Dance Begins
If you are ready to begin.... Dear Ones, please silently reaffirm  and gently hold your intention for what you personally need to know, heal or share through remembrance of  Soul.   Simply know that your moments in SOUL are powerful healing energy tools offered for your highest and greatest good.  As you open awareness, know that We  are always holding you in a safe space.

For the next few moments, in this time, in this place, We ask that you suspend all notions of "who" you have believed yourself to be as you move into "who" your Soul has always been merging with all of mankind's souls to anchor this planet.  Visualize mankind anchoring the second pillar of the cube suspended in space that makes up the Universe.

Simply relax mind and body, breathe and then breathe a little deeper and again a little deeper, listening for the stillness. 

Take this moment to still your mind, your heart and your body.  Prepare to move into the stillness in your heart... to move into the spaces between the heartbeats... to connect with your heart melody and the translucent colours of your dancing Soul Body. 

When you are ready, bring into your soul vision, the picture of the cube that is the Universe.   When you have that visual, add to the image, sensation, as you slowly bring into your human body, the physical sense of your Soul Body, all light, colour, ethereal movement, dancing to an unearthly melody powerfully anchoring mankind as the 2nd of 4 pillars supporting the cube's structure. 

Now converge all this sensation of holding that visual from your body into your heart.  Focus all sensation into your heart.   

Can you "SEE" your Soul Body as melody and dancing light vibrating with your "signature energy" in the form of the second pillar of the cube?   "FEEL" your humanity slipping effortlessly into Soul Dance from within the earthly dimension.    "BE" with Soul being the anchor to the planet as the planet is one of many anchors to the Universe.   "Rest" with SOUL,  rest with Mankind's Soul, rest with the Planet, rest with the Universe.  Soul as always is touching SOURCE.  As you rest in Soul, as Soul touches Source ... "FEEL" the joy and passion as a piece of yourself heals.  Feel your healing ripple out to all of mankind, to your planet and finally back to your Universe.  "SEE" the colours of your dancing Soul as it anchors you, the larger YOU who is all of mankind and your planet.   "SEE" the awesomenes of the healing you are part of .  "BE" at ONE with all that is, all that ever has been and all that ever will be.  Rest in this place as you let pure love and passion wash through you and through mankind.  

As you briefly rest here, prepare to "remember" the sensations of being the human consciously partnered with Soul embedded and anchored. Slowly broaden your Soul awareness to share with the human YOU, how it physically feels in terms a human can understand to be anchoring your corner of the structure of the Universe. 

"Notice and become aware of" how you are simulataneously in Soul mind and body and Human mind and body at the same time.   Hold that thought for a moment.   "Feel" from within your heart the duality between YOU and your SOUL lifting and dissipating.   This is the Veil that separates the dimensions. You have Danced Beyond The Veil. 

Breathe into and rest in this awakened awareness, clearing your Soul Vision until you are ready to return to this moment, this time and this place in your own human dimension.  Prepare to return to human reality. 

Slowly breathe back into the stillness, into the spaces between the heartbeats,  back into your own human body, feeling sensation in all parts of your body and your mind.   As you reawaken into here and now, bring with you the "remembrance" of Soul touching Source, healing that in you and in mankind which needs to be healed.  Rest and offer appreciation for the knowing. 

Dearest Soul Dancers, you are your own individual self and all of mankind in the same moment. 

What are you "remembering"?   You have been in Soul before, many times.  As human, you are remembering that you have never been alone.   You partner in a greater whole.  The Oneness of humanity impacts the Oneness of the Universe.   There is harmony and melody between all four corners of the cube that stabalize and regulate the Universe.  

YES ... We promised you healing for Mankind.  This healing Soul Dance is held in the heart, uplifted by the Soul and a tool to trigger healing.  The more often you return to touch Source, intending to heal self and mankind's self the healing will increase and become stronger.  

Warning:   Your purpose is remain human and live your life in human terms, loving in human ways and healing in every way you can.   We do not recommend or require that you immerse yourself in Soul.   Your human minds were not designed to touch Source for more than a few moments at a time. To become a master healer, starts with awareness and recognition when you need to touch Source by moving into a conscious sharing with Soul for limited times, with a definite intention and always following the formula provided with each Soul Dance experience for entering and existing all Soul encounters.   

We, The Soul Guardians are teaching you the steps to Remembrance and the anatomy of healing because you need this knowledge to anchor your safe transition into an anchored life.  As you evolve to partner with Soul, you will be reconnecting with powerful emotions.   Understanding the simple anatomy of healing will ground you before you move deeper into empowerment that will continue a holistic change for your world. 

So once again, now is the moment to return to your intention  for this Soul Dance Beyond the Veil.   What was your intention for today?   How was it fulfilled?   

In our next message you will learn how to heal the Soul Energy of the Planet and The Universe, once again using Soul Dance to begin the process. 

So, be welcomed and encouraged that the future is vast and beautiful and awesome as you and your Soul remember together what it is to fly free bathed in the awesomeness of creation and in communion with all others. 

Enjoy InJOY
           SoulDancer,  translator for The Soul Guardians      

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Healing Mankind A Remembrance Part 3 of 4 cont'd

Dearest Soul Dancers,

This is the moment in delivery of Our messages when We move from guide to teacher,  but only with your consent will we continue your conversations with Us. 

Today, We begin to instruct you in the mastery of healing yourselves and your planet. 

What do you need to know?

How does life purpose connect with becoming a healer?   You search for life purpose only to find that healing mankind is one of your many purposes.  To learn how to become a healer is simple, however to actually BE the healer ... now that takes mastery! 

Our purpose in reaching out to you is to teach you how to become master healers.  Sadly, We cannot heal mankind, your planet or The Universe, but you can and we are committed to showing you how. 

Your purpose, if you are truly searching for purpose is to master healing yourselves first.  Healing mankind is a rebound ripple of healing of self. Healing the energy of the planet follows holistically and finally healing The Universal Energy flow, while invisible to you is visible to Us.

Why are We reaching out to you?  Dear Ones, it is time.  You are enlightened enough in this moment, in this time, in this place, to understand that your combined energetic signature (mankind) affects both your planet and the entire Universe.  Take a moment, go back to visualize the anatomy of the Universe as the cube.  Remember to see yourself as anchoring one side, mankind anchoring the second side, Earth anchoring the third side and finally The Universe as the fourth anchor. 

What do you notice?  You personally support 50% of what keeps the Universe, your Universe and Ours, together.  This is why we are reaching out to you now.  There is an imbalance in the signature energy of The Universe that the inhabitants of Earth have contributed too.  This imbalance can be healed.

How does the energetic signature of mankind affect Earth?  When a tipping point of human individuals on earth are feeling lost, fearful and searching; mankind combines to broadcast massive chaotic energy.  The out-rippling of this combined energy affects the magnetic signature of this planet.  You are just learning that All planets in the Universe are connected within a net of magnetic resonance therefore, earth's magnetic imbalances are affecting the energetic harmony of the Universe.  

From every enlightened source you have been hearing that "soul is having a human experience".   We are here to teach about the power of a duality, you may not have known about until now: 

"YOU as a human being is consciously sharing a Soul experience WITH Soul, in the same moment, time and place that Soul is having a human experience through you". 

What is a Soul experience?    Ahhh, now that is the question.  If you have every felt your heart expand the moment you looked at your newborn child, if you have danced with the wind, fallen into the magnificence of nature, soared with a melody into a dimension of rapture ... you have had a soul experience.  Technically, touching soul transports you to a place of wonder and gratitude, almost unbelieving of the experience you just shared.   
 Dear Ones,the human mind is not equipped to understand this information. 

You may read these messages several times and still they slip away.  Do not be disturbed.  To soul dance beyond the veil is to experience briefly and let go of the experience of directly touching Universal Source.  Each touch, strengths your ability to hold the moment for a little longer each time, until the day when you connect in a two way conversation with Soul and feel the awe and wonder of the Universe.     

Will You be punished for not listening to this message?    No, We do not punish.  We teach.  We teach "remembrance" of your Soul's first languange.  We teach realignment techniques through healing remembrance. 

So, Dear Ones, today we move from guides on a virtual journey to teachers of healing.  We hope you will choose to become healers.  What is your intention? 

Tomorrow,  We will continue with your 5th Soul Dance experience.
you experience moving into SOUL to touch Source energy as the pillar of Mankind supporting the second side of the cube in the anatomy of the Universe.  You will dance, touch Source and be renewed. 

So be welcomed and encouraged that the future is vast and beautiful and awesome as you and your Soul remember together what it is to fly free together bathed in the awesomeness of your creation and communion with all others. 

Enjoy InJOY
           Soul Dancer, translator to The Soul Guardians

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Healing Mankind A Remembrance Part 3 of 4

First Message  Healing Mankind 

Dearest Soul Dancers 
What does this phrase mean to you?  ...a human having a SOUL experience...”?  On 11:11:11 our translator and human partner did just that ... SoulDancer consciously chose to partner with SOUL to experience Oneness with the Universe.  Her story is in the message for Nov 11, 2011.

Today, you may choose to have your own “human having a SOUL experience if you step into the energetic signature of Mankind which is the second pillar in the anatomical structure of the Universal cube (as it applies to your planet).    

We present this learning in two segments, separated by several hours in your time dimension.   Each message is rich and awareness dense which is why We invite you to visit both messages.

Healing Mankind, this first message is debrief, clarity and remembrance of being in SOUL, at one with the Universe. 

The second message returns YOU to the practice of Soul Dance as you join with SOUL to experience the sensations of all Mankind supporting the second pillar in the anatomical structure of the Universe.  You will end with the sensation of owning half the Universe.    

Dear Ones, you are never alone.  At times, you may, as a human being a human experience, feel lost. Over your past 4 experiences with Soul Dance, you have touched and become one with SOUL and Source because you were remembering what being SOUL feels like.  You were one with SOUL.  You are learning how to make this connection a conscious act.  This We teach and open to you a little more each message.    

Here is your leap in faith.  On 11:11:11 Remembrance Day you may have taken a moment to remember all those souls released and human lives lost in times of war and conflict, personal and global.   In this moment, in this time, in this place, We ask to you question the meaning of a soul released?   

Are you able to without judgement, in your heart know SOUL as powerful and fragile all at the same time?   Will you accept without proof that man’s soul can be healed even when no longer connected to the beating heart?  

We ask you to hold these very powerful thoughts without fear or pain, simply as questions opening into curiosity as We continue this journey of awareness, always holding you in a safe space.  Today’s journey is into the energetic harmonic of Mankind.    

Now is the moment to form your intention for this curiosity... What do you need to know, feel or heal by moving a little deeper into heart awareness about your ability to be with Mankind in SOUL? 
If you are ready and so choose, We will step together into this awareness portal.   
The Debrief of SoulDancer’s choice to have a SOUL experience.
On 11:11:11 at a memorial site for fallen soldiers, SoulDancer, our human partner and translator, accepted Our invitation to partner with SOUL to once again become a healer.   
The gift of Soul Dance was the only tool she used to assist in the continuing healing of both the energetic output of mankind and your planet.  In that moment, in that time, in that place her heart song called to billions of Souls lost in human experience at the moment of their human death by War and violence.  Theirs was a reawakening.  Their remembrance, their dance of pure love re-connected to Source.  Her heart song was the beacon to all souls lost and wandering to remember the language and body of SOUL as they returned to SOURCE, healed of their human pain.    
This was a profound moment for a human having a human experience ... consciously shared with SOUL.    
However, SoulDancer was never alone even though she was standing alone in that moment, in that time and in that place.  We were with her, holding her in a safe space just as We are with you as you begin your remembrance of Soul Dance.  
You, the individual has power beyond measure to heal Mankind.  Even more powerfully,  Mankind across your planet has been consciously coming together in a movement of Oneness stubbornly and lovingly attempting to unite human energy in positive vibration.  Know We hold you safe in Oneness.      

The message in this knowing.     Know, accept, appreciate ... Every single touch in Soul brings you personally back into Remembrance and healing.      
What four things do you take from this knowing?   
First ... human consciousness partnering with specific actions either alone or in groups raises the energetic signature of both mankind and the planet at the same time. 
Second...  when human life ends traumatically, the SOUL may become stuck in human experience forgetting how to touch Source to heal and free itself to return to Source.   
Third ... YOU have healing ability through conscious partnering with SOUL to heal yourself, your planet and the Universe.                 Fourth ...You are already creating healing each time you remember how to touch Source through Soul.  **
Know that your healing energy organically combines with that of all the other healers to subtly heal the energy of your beautiful planet. The healing energy of your planet effortlessly ripples outwards into the Universal Dimensions to harmonize and stabilize the Universal Energy Flow.
So, you see Dear Ones, while Soul Dance may appear as a child-like return to innocence or at other times like magic or fantasy, you are actually returning to infinite wisdom and healing.
As before, We return you to the moment when you created your intention for today’s Soul Dance beyond the veil.   What was your intention today? How was your intention fulfilled?   
In our next message, you will learn the second part of the anatomy of healing mankind, once again using Soul Dance to begin the healing process. 
So be welcomed and encouraged that the future is vast and beautiful and awesome as you and your SOUL remember together what it is to fly free bathed in the awesomeness of your creation and communion with all others.   
Enjoy InJOY 
           SoulDancer, Translator for The Soul Guardians